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Should I Get Dental Implants?

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According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, at least 3 million people have opted to receive dental implants, and there is a reported 98% success rate. Considering the numerous advantages of a successful operation, including a better looking smile, healthier mouth and gums, and greater confidence, it's no wonder that an increasing number of people are opting for surgery as a solution to their lost or broken teeth. But certain circumstances make you a better candidate for implants as opposed to less-invasive, traditional treatments. So, should you get dental implants? It depends:

Are your teeth shifting into an empty space?

When you have a lost tooth, the surrounding teeth can begin to move and fill the gap. Among the many complications this can cause are disproportionately spaced teeth, crowded / protruding teeth, and difficulty cleaning due to oddly angled teeth. In this circumstance, a dental implant could help you to space your teeth correctly and keep them healthy and clean.

Do you want to maintain your jawbone?

Most people don't know that parts of your jawbone can deteriorate if the tissues are weakened or even if a tooth is simply missing. If you have a missing tooth, for example, that particular part of the jawbone will lack stimulation, meaning it won't continue to grow or maintain its strength.

While some dental corrections methods, such as fixed bridges, will encourage deterioration by failing to stimulate the bone, dental implants can offer a better long term solution to keep your jawbone intact. This prevents your face from appearing sunken and sickly, a problem for people who no longer possess dense bones.

Do you value the convenience of implants for dentures?

If you have dentures, like many Americans, they are likely to come with a host of problems. This can include a bad fit, cankerous mouth lesions, sunk-in lips, and a restricted food diet. By having your dentures supported by implants, you can stabilize your dentures for a more pleasing, durable solution. Just imagine eating your favorite foods again.

Americans like to be proud of their mouths, and a shining smile is often a bridge to greater confidence. Dental implants can provide not only aesthetic benefits, but also range of health benefits that help to counter gingivitis and lost or broken teeth. Even so, it is best to review your personal circumstances to makes sure the implants are the right path forward. Consult a professional dentist to see if dental implants are your solution to a happier, healthier mouth. Visit a site like http://www.smiledesignersteam.com for more information.