Low Energy? It Could Be Your Thyroid

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The 411 On Athlete's Foot

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Your feet are important parts of your body. From walking and running to standing and jumping, the feet provide support for your body to move, rest, and live. Unfortunately, your feet are exposed to numerous hazards that you may not be familiar with. While surprising to learn, 70% of people will have athlete’s foot at one point in time because they came in contact with a fungus. Even though it is common, most people do not understand the signs and treatment options for athlete’s foot. Read More»

Why Get A Date Rape Drug Test?

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Rape is a serious offense that is both violating and illegal. When you’ve been raped, you know the only way to gain justice against your perpetrator is to prove the rape occurred, which puts you in a situation of emotional and physical exposure. Visit your nearest health clinic to receive a rape kit test, which is vital to your case. You will have been advised to do so once you reported your sexual assault to the police department. Read More»

Differences Between Family And Internal Medicine Providers

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Many people who select a primary care physician choose a doctor who specializes in internal medicine or family medicine. Although the two specialties may seem the same, they actually differ.  Here are a few differences between internal and family medicine. Patients A family medicine doctor usually treats patients of all ages. Thus, they may regularly treat babies, young children, teens, and adults, often providing care for all of the members of a household. Read More»

Here's Why You Should Never Attempt CPR Without Training

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If someone is struggling to breathe, passes out, or their heart stops, CPR is one of the best ways to keep them alive until medical help can arrive. However, CPR is dangerous to attempt if you don’t have any training. Here’s how you could end up hurting more than helping. Bone Damage The concussive force of pushing on someone’s chest to encourage breathing and for their heart to start can actually hurt them. Read More»

3 Tips For Keeping Your Bones Healthy

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Your bones play an important role in your body, as they protect your organs, offer structure, anchor your muscles and even store calcium. As a child, you strive to build strong, healthy bones. As an adult, you strive to ensure those bones remain strong and healthy. Unfortunately, osteoporosis – a specific condition that results in your body’s bones becoming weak and brittle – impacts roughly 75 million individuals in the United States, Europe and Japan. Read More»

Prepare For Your CPR Training For Better Results

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CPR training is a vital tool to have under your belt for personal reasons as well as professional development. However, getting the maximum benefit from this training does require some preparation on your part. Learn what you can do now to prepare for your training. Schedule Your Course Wisely CPR training is not a long, drawn-out process, but it does require your full attention. Make sure you are not scheduling the class during a period when you have limited time or have a lot of other things going on that might be distracting. Read More»

Stop Procrastinating With Your Health: 3 Routine Preventive Tests You Shouldn't Postpone

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When it comes to routine preventive testing, you might be missing the mark on some of them. Unfortunately, missing the mark even by a little could be putting you at risk for serious health problems. It’s not uncommon to postpone routine preventive testing that might be uncomfortable. However, those tests can save your life and shouldn’t be postponed – even they do make you uncomfortable. Here are three routine preventive tests that you shouldn’t be postponing. Read More»

Physical Problems That Can Arise If You Don't Get Treatment For Scoliosis

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Some people have a bad habit of ignoring symptoms that suggest different health problems. Even if you’re pretty sure that something is wrong, it may be tempting to try to avoid seeking medical care. However, this is almost always a bad idea, as your symptoms can increase in severity and leave you with a number of undesirable side effects. If you’re noticing that you could have scoliosis — a back condition in which your spine is curved unnaturally — you should visit a back care professional at a place like C D Denison right away for an assessment and treatment plan. Read More»

Some Important Things To Know About Varicose Veins

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Varicose veins are quite common. Many men and women suffer from varicose veins and are uncomfortable and even in pain because of them. Luckily, there are things that you can do to get relief, and even get rid of them all together. Here are some things you should know. What Are Varicose Veins? A varicose vein is like a vein that has gone wrong. Over time with pressure and increased use, the vein will stop pumping the blood from it back to the heart and instead will just pump the blood back and forth in the vein causing it to become painful and enlarged. Read More»