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2 Reasons To Wear Contact Lenses Instead Of Glasses

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Contact lenses are a fantastic alternative to eyeglasses, especially when you consider all of the advantages that contact lenses can offer that eyeglasses simply cannot match. Two reasons to wear contact lenses instead of glasses are comfort and vision quality:


One of the biggest reasons to consider wearing contact lenses instead of glasses is that contacts are typically going to be more comfortable for the average person. Contact lenses will usually be more comfortable because you do not have to deal with the extra weight that comes along with wearing eyeglasses. Sure, eyeglasses do not weigh very much, but after wearing them all day they can make the areas where they rest quite sensitive and uncomfortable.

Another reason that contacts are going to be more comfortable than eyeglasses is that you do not have to deal with the frame. The frames on your eyeglasses will typically need to be tightened or adjusted periodically so that you don't experience unnecessary discomfort, but this is not an issue with contact lenses. 

Vision Quality

Contact lenses can also provide you much higher quality of vision than eyeglasses can. The main reason for this is that your contacts will not be as prone to having obstructions. For example, when you wear eyeglasses, debris or smudges on the glasses can obstruct your vision. 

Another benefit of contacts is that you will not need to worry about moisture affecting your vision. This means that you will still be able to see clearly even if it is raining outside. With eyeglasses, you will constantly need to wipe your glasses off in a rainstorm in order to see clearly. 

Contact lenses are also going to make it much safer for you to drive. This is because when you are wearing contacts you will have fewer distractions affecting your vision. For example, contacts will not slip or slide down your face, which means that you do not have to worry about adjust or placing them back into place when you are supposed to be focusing on driving.

In addition, contact lenses will provide you with great peripheral vision, which is something that you do not get with eyeglasses. This will also help you operate your vehicle safely because it will enable you to clearly see as much as possible.

Speak to an optometrist today in order to discuss the many types of contact lenses available to you. Contact lenses are a great option if you want something that will provide you with great vision quality, while also being comfortable to wear throughout your day. To learn more, contact a company like The Eye Center with any questions you have.