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Simple Exercises That Might Keep Your Hearing Healthy

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The health of your hearing (just like any other sense) is very important. You should make sure you visit your hearing specialist, but that is not the only thing that you can do. The following guide will show you a few simple exercises that might help keep your hearing healthy. 

Why Does Exercise Help?

Recent studies show that the health of your hearing is connected to good blood circulation. The researchers discovered that people in their 50's could hear as good as people in their 30s, as long as they were in good shape. Cardiovascular exercises might be helpful because they allow blood to reach the ear's cochlea, and the hairs help distribute the oxygen your ears needs.

The experts (in the link above) suggest that you do aerobic exercises up to five times a week for 20 to 30 minutes. 

A Few Helpful Exercises To Consider

Try some of the following simple and effective exercises:

Try Yoga

Yoga is a simple type of aerobic exercise that is not too stressful on your muscles. Try the following simple yoga exercise to help improve blood flow around your ears by stretching your neck.

  1. Sit in the traditional yoga pose, which is basically forming a triangle with your body. 
  2. Turn your neck sideways (as if you are trying to make your ear touch your shoulder). Hold it for 10 minutes; then, do the same to the other side. Do this until you've reached your 20 to 30 minute mark.

Walk More

Another simple change you can make to your lifestyle is to walk instead of driving to a nearby location. You just need to walk for 20 to 30 minutes, which shouldn't be too strenuous for you.

Be sure to keep your earphones low if you are going to play music as you walk because continuous loud noise can be hurtful to your ears. One way to know that your music is too loud is if people around you can hear what you are listening to. 

Meditation Might Help

Meditation is another interesting exercise that is perhaps the activity that requires the least amount of work and will also help improve blood flow. Studies showed that deep relaxation reduces stress; stress could be responsible for sluggish blood flow. Adding peaceful music to your meditation, like nature sounds, might be helpful.

Now you know how to maintain your hearing with a few simple exercises that you can do from time to time. Visit http://www.HearDenver.org for more information about preserving your hearing.