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Got A Teenager That Has Been On Drugs? 2 Types Of Drugs You Should Be Aware Of

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If you have a teenager that has had problems with drugs, you should be aware of the different types of drugs out there, as well as the symptoms they cause. Chances are you have not heard of everything that is currently on the market, such as the two types below. This will allow you to tell if your child is on one of these drugs so you can get them the help they need.


Flakka is a synthetic drug, which is a drug that is made of chemicals instead of natural ingredients.  It is made with a mixture of cocaine and methamphetamine, which is why this drug is very dangerous.  On the streets, some kids call this the "devil's drug." The drug can be injected, vaped, smoked, swallowed, or snorted.

If your child takes this drug, some of the symptoms they will exhibit include:

  • Out of body/euphoric experience
  • Aggression
  • Hallucinations
  • Psychotic outburst
  • "Superhuman" strength

Your child can easily get this drug because it only costs around $5 per dose. This is why you will hear this drug called The "$5 Insanity Drug." Because it is made with meth and cocaine, this drug is highly addictive, and they could become addicted to it very quickly. This means your child could very well not get off of it on their own and would need to be taken to a drug rehab center.


You will often hear this drug referred to as "meow meow". It is a designer drug, which means it was manufactured by a chemist. This drug is a powerful stimulant that is included in the group of drugs known as amphetamines, such as ecstasy and speed.

If your child is taking this drug they will have some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Euphoria
  • Hyper alertness
  • Paranoia
  • Extreme anxiety

This drug can be injected, smoked, or taken in pill form. It has an effect on the central nervous system and can be psychologically and physically addictive. The longer your child takes this drug, the more they will become addicted to it.

If you suspect your child is on drugs, contact an outpatient drug rehab center in your area about the symptoms they are having. They can be of great help giving you some tips on how to talk with your child. If your child does not want to have this type of treatment, you can still have them committed if they are under the age of 18.