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Tips For Women Considering Breast Enhancement After A Total Mastectomy

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For women undergoing total mastectomy because of breast cancer, it is a blow that is a humiliating insult to injury. After surviving breast cancer, the pain many women go through due to the loss of their natural breasts can be emotionally tough. If you are dealing with the depression and emotional turmoil that came with the loss of your natural breasts, learning more about breast enhancement is a good idea.

About The Cost Of Breast Enhancement

Some women opt out of breast enhancement surgery because of their fear of its cost. However, you should know that because breast enhancement is considered a reconstructive surgery and not a cosmetic one, the law states your insurer is responsible for a portion of the cost if that same insurer also paid for the mastectomy. According to your personal coverage, you could end up with the entire procedure being paid by your insurer. Before you decide against breast enhancement because of its cost, discuss all your options with your health insurance provider.

The Type Of Breast Reconstruction Best For You

Your doctor will talk with you about the kind of procedure best for you. The procedure you have will depend on the type of cancer treatment you may need after your mastectomy. However, some reconstructive procedures can be done during the mastectomy. Your doctor may recommend you having surgery that uses any remaining breast tissue you have or he or she may recommend breast implants. Before you make a final choice about your reconstructive surgery, you and your physician will go over all the details of each procedure.

Preparing Ahead Of Time For Recovery Time Is Best

Once you know the date for your reconstructive breast surgery, making plans ahead of time for your recovery is a good idea. In the days following your procedure, you will experience soreness and some pain. Your doctor will prescribe pain medication to take home with you. Follow these tips for making your recovery easier:

  • Have your house ready so you will not be worried about clutter or other household chores.
  • Having someone stay with you for a few days after you get home is best, especially if you are affected by the pain medication. If your medication makes you feel dizzy, have someone move your bed near a bathroom so you will have less of a distance to walk.
  • Before you go in for your surgery, stock up on groceries, especially snacks you will enjoy.
  • Having books and good movies on hand is also a great way to pass the time while in bed recovering.

Surviving breast cancer and having a total mastectomy are huge accomplishments that may leave you feeling exhausted. By taking the time to rest and learn more about breast enhancement, you can approach with a less fearful attitude and look forward to a new, healthier and happier life.