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Looking For A New Ultrasound System For Your Animal Clinic?

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In a setting dedicated to caring for the health of animals, there are few pieces of medical equipment more important than an ultrasound machine. Therefore, when you invest in a new setup, it is highly important to ensure you are getting the best for your money. While shopping for something so technologically complicated as an ultrasound setup may seem like a daunting task, finding the right one is all about knowing what features you need. Here is a look at a few of the most important features you should be looking for in an ultrasound machine in your animal clinic. 

Slim Profile and Absolute Mobility

Working around animals often means working quickly and in the tightest of spaces, which means you need an ultrasound system that can be on call and ready even when there is not a lot of space to work with in your treatment areas. Look for a system that has a slim profile that can easily be squeezed into narrow spaces. Likewise, it is ideal that the system has a detachable cart to roll the equipment around on a work surface or you to carry only the ultrasound machine itself to a tabletop or bedside. 

Built-In Battery Supply

Having a ultrasound system with a portable power supply is an absolute must when you are the manager of an animal clinic. It is not at all uncommon for you to have to take the equipment to a patient at their home, whether it is an ailing cow ready to calf on a farm or an elephant in distress at the wildlife refuge. Look for a system that has a good lithium-ion battery which is known to offer power supply for long spans of time without a recharge. 

Abundant Compatibility with Software Packages

The most advanced ultrasound equipment is designed to coincide with modern standards in software use for the purpose, but it is always best to have a machine that can also be upgraded with new software as new developments are available. For example, the Sonoscape A6V offers compatibility with an array of software and can be upgraded as necessary by a technician or IT professional experienced with the equipment. This feature means your equipment will always be able to provide top-notch imagery that is in line with current standards and trends in the animal care field. 

For more information on ultrasounds and other medical equipment, talk to a professional.