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3 Things To Keep In Mind While Recovering From A Tummy Tuck

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Getting a tummy tuck is a wonderful way to remove excess skin on your abdomen and give you a flat, beautiful stomach. However, in order to make sure you recovery process goes as it should, there are some things that you should do. This article will discuss 3 things to keep in mind while recovering from a tummy tuck. 

You Should Check Your Temperature And Take Antibiotics

After you receive a surgery of this nature you are going to be prone to getting an infection as your incision site heals. Because of this, your doctor is going to give you some antibiotics to take. These antibiotics are going to help decrease your chance of getting an infection, so it is very important that you take them whenever you were told. You will also want to take your temperature regularly because a spike in your temperature may be a sign that you are getting an infection. 

You Will Be Given A Fitted Garment To Prevent Blood Clots

The day after your surgery, you will go into your plastic surgeon's office to be fitted for an abdominal garment. This garment is going to go over your abdomen and is going to help stop blood clots from forming by keeping the skin nice and tight. You will be told how to properly take the garment on and off, how often you need to wear it, the best way to wash and dry it, etc. You will go in for multiple follow up appointments after this one, and your surgeon will be able to check how the garment is doing to prevent blood clots and create a nice, healed abdominal area. 

You Will Be In Charge Of Emptying Your Surgical Drains

 After your tummy tuck is complete, drains will be placed in your abdomen to help drain some of the excess body fluid that is going to be created in this area. This drain is going to fill up multiple times daily, which means you are going to need to take them out and drain them. Your doctor will show you exactly how this is done for your particular type of drain, so you aren't going to have to worry about how the process works. Your doctor may also have you record how much body fluid you remove from the drains each day. This lets them know if your body is producing a normal amount or if there is need for concern. They will also want you to note the color of the body fluid and will advise you that if you see blood red body fluid that you should call them right away.