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Tips For Successfully Completing Your CNA Training Classes And Passing Your Licensing Exam

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If you have enrolled in an upcoming certified nurse's assistant (CNA) training course, then it is important that you learn the necessary strategies to successfully pass each required course and ultimately your licensing exam. While CNA training courses are not technically complicated like college math classes are, they do present a lot of information in a short amount of time that you will be required to remember.

To ensure that you pass your CNA courses and exam with flying colors, follow each of these tips:

Tip: Always Read-Ahead in Your Textbooks

As with any college-level courses, CNA classes require some pre-class preparation on your part if you want to completely understand all of the new information being presented in class. Rather than letting your instructor lecture on a topic and then reading more about it that night for homework, instead, always read a chapter or two ahead in your textbook before class so the material being presented is already familiar to you. This is important because it turns your instructor's lectures into sessions that reinforce what you have already learned through your reading. You can then ask intelligent questions to fill in any gaps in your understanding.

Tip: Partner with Others in Your Class to Learn and Practice Clinical Skills

In addition to learning from lectures and reading, your CNA courses will also include learning clinical skills. You will be asked to perform each of these skills as part of the licensing exam process. To make this portion of your exam a lot easier, you should partner up with other students in your class so you can share information and practice your clinical skills together. By going over and over each clinical skill many times together, all of you will easily pass your licensing exam.

Tip: Reach Out to Professional CNAs and Pick Their Brains

Finally, one of the best ways to be successful in your CNA training is to reach out to other professional CNAs that you know and pick their brains about the training and the job itself. Since they have already successfully completed the training, they can give you many unique tips about how they got through the toughest parts and what strategies worked for them - and what strategies didn't. If you do not know any working CNAs, then you can speak to a councilor at your school and they can refer you to past students who would be happy to help you out.

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