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Absence Seizures In Children And How Urgent Care Can Help

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Epilepsy is a serious disease because it can cause the mind to malfunction in serious ways. One of the most common types of pediatric epilepsy problems is absence epilepsy. Understanding this problem and the role urgent care has in its treatment is important to keeping a child safe and healthy.

Symptoms Of This Condition

Absence seizures are caused by a form of epilepsy that is usually most predominant in younger children. It doesn't cause the kind of thrashing behaviors that is common with other forms of epilepsy. While some children may have some repetitive movements, such as finger movements or chewing motions, seizures mostly consist of staring spells in which the child is not responsive.

These spells are usually very short, but a child may have 100 or more a day. These seizures can be very difficult for a child to adapt to because they will put their life on pause during them. Most don't even realize they have happened and are surprised when the situation has changed.

Unfortunately these seizures are common during periods of exercise and physical labor. As a result, many children often get injured during their seizures. Thankfully urgent care can take care of this problem in a multitude of ways.

The Nature Of Urgent Care

Urgent care is a type of treatment method that focuses on treating injuries and illnesses that aren't serious enough for an ER visit. They are typically a walk-in clinic that will provide people – whether adults or children – with the care they need to be healthy. A pediatric urgent care center is one that focuses totally on managing the problems and concerns of children, particularly the injuries that can occur in the everyday life of a child.

One of the biggest ways that urgent care can help a child with absence seizure is to provide them with a safe place during their periodic absences with the world. They will be placed in a safe area and supervised by medical experts until the seizure is over. In fact, if the seizure turns more serious and involves dangerous movements and behaviors, the doctors can protect them from self-harm.

Another way that urgent care can help is to provide treatment for children who suffer from injuries as a result of their absence seizures. For example, a child in the middle of a game of basketball may stumble and fall if they experience a seizure in the middle of a game. Hitting their head on the concrete may cause a serious cut and bleeding that urgent care can manage quickly and effective.