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What Do Transitioning Males Need to Know About Breast Augmentation?

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If you are a male transitioning into a woman, you may be considering a surgical breast augmentation to aid you in your quest for authenticity. While the augmentation surgical procedure is similar to that performed on a woman by birth, there are other unique considerations. Here is what you need to know before visiting a plastic surgeon.  

You Will Require Proof of Psychiatric Counseling Before Surgery

A qualified plastic surgeon will want to see proof that you have had extensive counseling before deciding to explore your surgical options. This is because making the decision to transition surgically from an anatomical male to an anatomical female should not be taken lightly. You may have felt confident in your desires for many years now, but ethical medical providers will want to ensure every aspect of the procedure has been thoroughly explored, at every step of the game.

Most providers recommend a minimum of three months of intense psychoanalysis, ideally with a professional who is trained in gender dysphoria issues. A letter of recommendation for surgical care will be required from the mental health professional.

Other Requirements Needed Before Surgery:

  • Surgery cannot be performed on children or youths under the ages of eighteen
  • Patient has begun hormonal therapy
  • Transitioning male is fully committed to the process and is well aware of the potential complications and drawbacks
  • Plastic surgeon decides that you are a qualified candidate for surgery.

What Are the Differences Between Breast Augmentation in a Traditional Woman & a Transitioning Man?

A biological woman who already has breasts but wants them enlarged typically has excess skin to allow for the saline or silicone implants. Depending on your body type and how long you've undergone hormone therapy, you may or may not have enough give to the breast area tissue. This is also dependent on how large of a breast implant is desired.

The plastic surgeon will be able to work with you to decide which final cup size will suit your body frame best. In some instances, temporary stretchers may need to be surgically placed. These will gradually and gently stretch the skin to allow room for the final implant. As long as you have realistic expectations rather than perfectionist expectations, the ultimate result should improve the overall outlook. 

To learn more about the process and the cost of the surgery, contact local breast augmentation clinics such as Mansfield Plastic Surgery LLC.