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Services That You Can Receive At An Urgent Care Center Instead Of Your Doctor's Office

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If you have an urgent care center in your community, it's worthwhile to learn about what it offers and consider using it. In general terms, an urgent care facility spans the gap between visiting your family doctor and going to a hospital emergency room. In other words, you might seek urgent care for an issue that is pressing, but not serious enough that you feel the need to visit the emergency room. One of the big advantages of urgent care centers is that they can address a wide range of issues. Here are three services that you might be surprised to know are offered at an urgent care center.

Pregnancy Testing

If you believe that you might be pregnant, your first step may be to visit a pharmacy to purchase a home testing kit. You can then use the kit to indicate whether or not you're indeed pregnant. Such kits have a high accuracy rate, but some people feel better hearing that they're pregnant from a medical practitioner. You might not be able to see your family doctor for a series of days or even more than a week, given his or her schedule, and obtaining a pregnancy test isn't something that should compel you to visit the hospital. This is a perfect time to visit the urgent care center.

Sick Notes

While some employers will take your word for being sick and missing work, others will insist on seeing a doctor's note. It might be impractical to try to schedule an appointment with your family doctor for something as simple as a cold or flu bug, and many hospital emergency rooms cannot accommodate people who are ill and are visiting for the purpose of obtaining a sick note. However, this is a service that you can get at many urgent care centers. You'll see a physician briefly and he or she will write you the note that you need.

Car Accident Checkup

After being in a car accident and getting injured, you'll need to assess your next steps. For severe injuries, a hospital emergency room is an obvious choice. If your injuries are troubling but not life threatening, you should consider seeking an urgent care center. Whether you need stitches, need to have a part of your body X-rayed, or you're dealing with another form of injury, urgent care is a smart choice. The physician who sees you will also be able to recommend your next course of action, such as seeing a chiropractor who specializes in treating car accident victims.