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Prepare For Your CPR Training For Better Results

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CPR training is a vital tool to have under your belt for personal reasons as well as professional development. However, getting the maximum benefit from this training does require some preparation on your part. Learn what you can do now to prepare for your training.

Schedule Your Course Wisely

CPR training is not a long, drawn-out process, but it does require your full attention. Make sure you are not scheduling the class during a period when you have limited time or have a lot of other things going on that might be distracting. For example, a college student should avoid taking the class during the middle of midterms. Around this time, they will likely be tired and more focused on the test they have the next day, which could serve as a distraction.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Typically, CPR training courses are two-fold, in that one part of the process involves lecture-style training and the other part is more hands-on. During the application part of the training, the instructor may have you practice your skills on a dummy that rests conveniently on a desk, or you have to practice with a large model that's on the floor. You want to be able to focus all your attention on this step, rather than worrying about your clothes covering you properly while on the ground.

Bring a Notepad

You definitely want to take notes while you are in the course. Note taking is a great way to remember terminology and write down any information the instructor provides you about any questions you ask during the course. When you forget about things you learned in the course you will always have your notes to rely on.

Take Along a Smartphone

Before the course begins, ask your instructor if you can bring your smartphone along. When it comes to the application portion of the course, your smartphone will be a valuable tool since you can record the process. As you continue to practice at home, this video will be a helpful aid. When recording, avoid recording other people in the class, as each person may have different privacy concerns. Instead, ask someone to record you while you are practicing.

The more prepared you are for your training course, the better equipped you will be to gain knowledge from the program. Make sure you apply these tips to get the most from your training course.

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