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Not Sure Where To Go? 4 Signs You Should Head To The Urgent Care Center

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When it comes to illness and injuries, it's not always easy to determine the when you need an urgent care center or when you need an emergency room. Unfortunately, emergency room visits usually end up lasting several hours. Not only that, but you can also find yourself exposed to germs and bacteria that you might not find in a local urgent care center.

You've Suffered a Non Life-Threatening Injury

If your outdoor adventure resulted in a non life-threatening injury, you might not need to head to the emergency room. If you don't have a compound fracture—broken bones are exposed—or you didn't suffer serious head injuries, you should be able to visit your local urgent care center. Here are some typical injuries that can be treated at an urgent care center.


If you landed wrong on your ankle and it's beginning to swell, chances are good that you've suffered a sprain. Most sprains can be treated at an urgent care center. The same is true for most back and neck strains, as well.

Simple Breaks

If you fell off your bike, and you think that your arm or leg is broken, an urgent care center with an on site X-ray machine will be able to take care of your injuries.


If you've suffered a deep cut that doesn't want to stop bleeding, cover the wound with a clean towel and head to your nearest urgent care center. They'll clean the wound and stitch you up.

You've Had the Same Flu Symptoms for Days

If you've had the same flu symptoms for several days and your primary care physician isn't in the office, visit your local urgent care center. Urgent care centers can provide you the treatment you'll need for flu symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or headaches. If you've developed uncontrolled vomiting or diarrhea and you've become dehydrated, you should visit the emergency room. You may need additional treatment.

You've Developed Painful Urination

If you've developed painful urination and you can't wait until your doctor's office opens, it's time to visit an urgent care center. Painful urination can be the sign of an infection, especially in the urinary tract, bladder, or kidneys. The doctors at your local urgent care center will be able to identify the cause your urinary pain.

You've Got a High Fever

If you woke with a high fever, and your over-the-counter medication is not bringing it down, you might need to be seen at an urgent care center. High fevers usually don't require a trip to the urgent care center, unless they're over 103 degrees or they hung around for more than a few days. If that's the case, visit the nearest urgent care center. However, if your fever is over 106 degrees, is accompanied by a rash, stiff neck, confusion, or vomiting, you need to call 911 right away.

For more information, contact an urgent care center near you.