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Types Of Breast Cancer Treatments Available

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Breast cancer is taken more seriously today than ever before. Many people who are diagnosed with breast cancer learn that they have more options than they initially realized. Your options for treatment are dependent upon a number of factors, including the stage of the cancer and your current health status.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, these are some of the treatment options that may be available.


One of the most common breast cancer treatments is surgery. Surgical methods can physically remove tumors and cancerous cells. This is often a suitable method for removing the cancerous cells, but it may need to be used alongside other methods. Surgery may not remove all the cancerous cells every time.


Radiation is used in many patients who have breast cancer that has advanced. Radiation therapy uses radiation to target the cancerous cells in the body. Doctors are able to focus the radiation, often with medications.


Chemotherapy is one of the most common forms of treatment for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. It is often combined with surgery as a treatment for cancers in many parts of the body.

Chemotherapy, for example, can reduce the size of a tumor and kill the cancerous cells. Often, successful chemotherapy can reduce the need for surgery in the first place. In other cases, post-surgery chemotherapy helps to eliminate any cancerous cells that do remain. This prevents the cancer from growing back.


For many patients, immunotherapy is the best option for breast cancer. It is especially beneficial for treating individuals with breast cancer that may have a genetic component. This form of treatment may involve a variety of medications.

Hormone Therapy

In some cases, hormone therapy is the best option. Some medications help estrogen bind to receptors, ultimately preventing the growth of cancerous cells in the breasts. Other drugs help block the production of estrogen completely.

Clinical Trials

Of course, you may find that you are eligible for a clinical trial as well. Clinical trials are used to test new types of medications and drugs, and many are highly experimental or suitable for certain patients. You can discuss this option with your doctor.

Consult With Your Doctor

Your doctor will assess your health and all the different options so that you can determine which kind of treatment is ideal for you. Make an appointment as soon as possible to discuss your options. To learn more about breast cancer treatment, talk to a medical professional.