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3 Product Innovations Playing A Key Role In Infection Control And Prevention Efforts

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The healthcare industry continues to experience new challenges as newer disease strains and infections evolve. Consequently, this has sparked a medical revolution regarding newer medications and infection control products to counter the diseases. Scientific researchers and experts are burning the midnight oil to manufacture products that meet patients' and health workers' needs regarding infection control and prevention.

This post discusses three products that demonstrate the significant expansion in the infectious disease control sphere and that offer new perspectives on potential safety solutions. Read on to learn more.

Endoscope Storage Cabinets

First on this list are endoscope storage cabinets. The medical attention has shifted incredibly towards sanitation of these products due to the latest endoscope-based infections. While cleaning is vital, storage of these devices is equally important. Proper storage of scopes is crucial, but often medical practitioners hang them in storage closets that are unsafe.

After use, scopes require proper cleaning and drying in clinically regulated environments that allow them to hang vertically without touching each other. Consider using metallic cabinets because of their non-absorbent and fungi-resistant properties. Cabinets designed properly are ideal for inhibiting infections.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Next on the list of infection control medical products is PPE. Typically, this is simply protective gear, including helmets, face masks, face shields, gloves, and respiratory equipment. These products are created to shield those wearing them against infectious diseases, especially now in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic. You will commonly find PPE in healthcare facilities, including clinics, hospitals, and doctor's offices.

Proper use of PPE helps create a shield between bacteria- or virus-infected materials and the human body. This barrier helps block the transfer of contaminated material from bodily fluids, blood, or other bodily discharges. They are also essential in protecting high-risk patients who are susceptible to getting infected during medical procedures or who have underlying medical conditions. The use of PPE products has skyrocketed since reporting of the first case of coronavirus infection.

Germ-Resistant Scrubs

The rapid expansion of the infection control industry has led to the development of newer healthcare solutions. Large institutions are now developing venture capital departments to tap into the revenues collected from new products. A good example is advanced germ-resistant scrubs that can repel liquids. This scrub type helps prevent bacteria from spreading by producing an easy-to-wipe fabric.


These are three product inventions that are assisting in infection control and prevention in the health industry. Healthcare facilities must focus their attention on minimizing infections and setting preventative measures to protect their staff, patients, and the general public. Implementing these three products can be of significant help in the long run. Contact a company that sells infection control products to learn more.