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Reducing Lower Back Pain for Sedentary Workers

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There are certain career industries where being sedentary for several hours a day is just part of the job. For example, truck driving can have you sitting for long durations of time with no break. There are also jobs in administrative fields with the same issue. As you sit for longer periods of time, you will likely begin to feel strain and even pain in your lower back. Orthopedic medicine can help with these issues by offering ways to reduce the pain. Here are a few of those methods and what to know about each option.

Disk Evaluation

An issue that may be contributing to or even causing your lower back pain deals with the disks in your back. As you remain sedentary and in a sitting position for several hours a day, you may start to experience disk degeneration. This is a breakdown of the disks in your back and can happen at a slow rate. As the disks break down and degenerate you will start to feel the pain caused by the loss of the supportive disks. An evaluation can show if this is occurring and where the disks are located. If this is the case, your orthopedic physician will determine the treatment plan. 

Inflammation Medication

Depending on the severity of the lower back pain, you may be prescribed inflammation medication. Many of these medications are available over the counter and can be taken at a prescribed amount during the day and evening. This will help reduce the inflammation around the lower back area that is being aggravated by the continued sitting and pressure. Once a disk issue or other degenerative issue has been ruled out or found, combating the inflammation is generally the next step in reducing pain. 

Supportive Tools

You may not think of supportive tools and accessories as a way to help with reducing your lower back pain. Your orthopedic physician may begin having you use some of these as a way to assist with reducing pain in situations where you can not take frequent breaks or change the job parameters to allow more movement. Some of these tools include a back brace that can be worn for several hours a day. Also, supportive cushions for your chair, a change of chairs, back support, and even massaging chair options may also be suggested. 

Orthopedic medicine has several ways to help sedentary workers with various issues dealing with back pain. If you are experiencing mild to severe lower back pain and need help with pain management and reducing the issues you have, contact your insurance-approved orthopedic physician.