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Tips For Migraine Sufferers Visiting The Dispensary

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Migraines can be really tough to deal with. There are prescription medications that work well for some patients, but not for others. Lifestyle changes, like getting more sleep, can help—but they often don't get rid of migraines entirely. Cannabis is another option to explore. It's natural, widely available in most states, and can be purchased at a local dispensary. Here are some tips to follow if you visit a dispensary as a person with migraines.

Lean away from smokable options.

When you hear the word "cannabis," you probably picture someone smoking cannabis. This way of consuming the plant does work well for a lot of patients, but it is not the only option. As a migraine sufferer, smoking cannabis may not be the best choice since it temporarily reduces the amount of oxygen you're inhaling, possibly making the migraines worse. So, as you browse options at the dispensary, you will want to focus on other methods, like edibles and topicals. 

Opt for high-CBD strains.

The CBD in cannabis is likely to have a lot of benefits for you as a migraine sufferer. It is good at relieving inflammation, which is important since inflammation at the base of the head and neck can make migraines worse. So, rather than looking for products that are really high in THC, look for those that offer plenty of CBD with a smaller amount of THC. You might even want to buy a product that contains only CBD so you can use it alongside a THC product. This can give you more migraine relief without making you feel overly "high."

Consider buying a maintenance product and a quick treatment product.

Instead of just selecting one cannabis product to use to treat your migraines, look for two. You want one product you can use on a daily basis to help prevent migraines. This could be a topical salve or cream you apply to your head and neck, or it could be a low-dose edible. You also want a product you can take when a migraine does come on. This could be a higher-dose edible or even a vape product that you take a few puffs from.

With the tips above, you can have a better experience when visiting a cannabis dispensary such as Texas Medical Marijuana Doctors. Don't hesitate to ask the budtender a few questions, too. They tend to know cannabis products well and can point you in the right direction.